Synchroniser iphone et mac via icloud

To know how to transfer iPhone contacts to Mac via iCloud, following the below steps. Step 1: Turn on iCloud contacts syncing on iPhone.

Find Contacts , choose Settings at the bottom left and select Export vCard. You can then export the iPhone contacts to Mac. When using iCloud to sync contacts between iPhone and Mac, some users find that iMessage on Mac is not showing the names of their contacts. Only the number of the person is showing in the message.

If you are having the same problem, try the following tips. Make sure that it matches the telephone number format on your iPhone. Using the same iCloud account on both iPhone and Mac gets some users worried about privacy safety. It can back up almost everything on your iPhone to Mac.

Chapter 7 - Synchronization

Step 2 : Open iTunes on your Mac and select your device when it is connected to iTunes. Step 3 : Click the Info button and choose Sync Contacts. Note: When using iTunes to sync iPhone contacts to Mac, some of your iPhone contacts might be deleted after syncing. What would it be like if a dog manned the International Space Station?

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Sync iPhone using iTunes on your computer

Click on the Finder app in the Mac Dock. On the right-hand side, click on the Music tab. Check the box Sync Music onto your device to activate Music syncing. Under Sync, you can select Entire music library or Selected playlists, artists, albums, and genres. Select playlists, artists, albums, and genre , where applicable. Click Apply.

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Click Sync to sync music files between your Mac and mobile device. On the right-hand side, click on the Movies tab. Check the box Sync Movies onto your device to activate Movies syncing. Under Sync, click the Automatically include box. Click Sync to sync movies between your Mac and mobile device.

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On the right-hand side, click on the TV shows tab. Set up all your computers like this, and they will automatically synchronise to each other. If you put a new contact into one computer it will be on the other computer in a matter of minutes. You can sync lots of things over iCloud — mail accounts, safari bookmarks, notes, iCal calendars etc.

iCloud Drive: How to Sync Data Between Mac and iOS | The Mac Security Blog

I normally have them all turned on except that with the iPhone 5 there was a bug with Safari bookmarks so I have that turned off. There is no way to do this from within iCloud, but there is a way using a different account. If you have addresses entered into a different account, such as hotmail, Gmail etc, they will not sync to your iCloud. Because of this, if you have contacts in Gmail that you would like to share across multiple devices, you need to export them out of Gmail and into iCloud for them to sync using iCloud. To do this:.